a look at the beauty of Cindy Crawford’s daughter growing up.

Cindy Crawford was part of the golden age of supermodels, alongside Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell. Her rich brown hair, tanned skin and stunning legs have made her a beauty icon.

Fortunately, the model passed on her genes to her children. Much to the delight of Ms. Crawford fans, her daughter Kaia Gerber has grown up and looks just like her mother.

She has the same eyes, hair, height, skin color and facial expressions, and has been dubbed the second Cindy for her striking resemblance.

Naturally, Kaia decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps, and her younger brother Presley Gerber looks like her mother. Both have been models for several years with great success: in 2015, when Kaia was only 14 years old, she signed a contract with several prestigious agencies, including the famous IMG Models.

She then appeared in shoots for Teen Vogue and advertisements for prestigious brands. Now 21, Kaya dreams of reaching the same heights as her mother and is doing everything in her power to achieve it.

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