This Petite Woman’s Size Doesn’t Matter To Her Loving Husband

This pretty girl is called Asta Young. She lived in southern China.

She was called Little Thumbelina because her height was 134 centimeters.

At school, the girl had no friends, because she was being bullied.

As children are often rude, her class friends made fun of her because of her short stature.

Increasingly, the girl began to escape from peer relations and no longer had a friend.

When Asta finished her studies, she found a job, but she remained the same withdrawn girl.

She thought that by shutting herself off, she could avoid offensive people and their rude behavior.

But indeed, Asta was a girl full of life, and she could not stand such a way of life and decided to change it.

The girl cherished a dream from childhood. It was cosplay.

Cosplay is a practice whose meaning is to dress its characters in costumes so that they look like virtual heroes.

And the girl decided to make her dream come true. Her stirring images had great success and she had several followers on the Internet.

Gradually, Asta took off his envelope and became sociable and formed friendships.

Among them was an American man who married her, and now Asta lives in the United States.

The sweet young man adores his cute little wife and shares his affection for cosplay.

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