The way famous actor Billy Zane has changed has left his fans speechless

Here at What Actor Billy Zane, Rose’s Groom From ‚Titanic‘ Looks Like Today

Meet the talented actor B. Zane who brilliantly played the role of Rose’s groom from the legendary film which brought him fame and global recognition. But later the actor lost his worldwide popularity.

As difficult as it is to achieve, already 45 years have passed since the release of the great movie that literally hit our screens with all those brilliant actors and actresses. But now Cal Hockley looks totally unrecognizable.

From one of the most attractive and passionate characters, he has become a bald, elderly man who now does not possess such an excellent physique as before. It should be noted that the iconic man is married to model C. Neil and has two heiresses Ava Katerina and Gia.

According to The Voice, the movie star doesn’t suffer from little attention and is currently enjoying life with her precious family.

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