look how young Camilla was!

The British press kept reporting the beauty of the woman Prince Charles married when he married Princess Diana. However, his great love, Camilla Parker-Bowles, does not seem to be popular.

Big crooked teeth, wrinkled face, big nose? This aristocrat was far from beautiful compared to the angelic Lady Di. Of course, no one has been open about Camilla’s appearance. More important, however, was her reputation as a seductress and a divorcee.

We present to you archival photos showing the king’s favorite lady in her youth.

Dressed in a light colored jacket and blouse and posing with a necklace around her neck, Camilla has cropped hair, popular in the 1980s, befitting a future queen.

However, the roughness of Camilla’s face makes her look noticeably older – she is in her late 40s, but appears to be in her 50s.

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