how does the girl who captivated the world with her beauty look today

Adorable baby Amaya Jade has taken over social media. The young girl is quickly treated as a “living doll”. because of its ethereal appearance.

Amaya has long eyelashes, an unusual eye color, beautiful curly hair, and puffy cheeks. Photos of the girl circulated on the Internet.

At least those who don’t believe in the beauty of Amaya. Many believe that the girl’s mother glued false eyelashes on her daughter.

However, this is not the case at all. After all, Amaya’s brother and sister also inherited this quality from their parents.

The children were very lucky, as if they had simply won the genetic lottery.

By the way, a photo of adult Amaya has recently been published on the Internet. This girl has not lost her beauty, but still has changed a lot. In the future, Amaya will become a beautiful and attractive girl.

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