X-ray reveals the girl is one of the rarest people on the planet

A 19-year-old American girl named Claire Mack lives in Chicago. One day, Claire discovered something incredible.

The girl realized by chance that her heart was not in its usual place.

The girl’s story was published by the Daily Mirror and she became famous.

Claire shared her story also on her TikTok account. She explained that she had made an unexpected discovery while going to the doctor.

The girl worked in a nightclub and often caught colds. When she fell ill again, the whole secret was revealed.

Although the girl suffered from coughing for some time, she went to see the doctor only when she accidentally injured her hand at work.

Claire went to the nearest hospital for a tetanus shot and since she was coughing all the time she decided to check her lungs as well.

The doctor gave Claire an assessment of a chest infection and sent her for a chest X-ray.

It is thanks to this that she learned that she was born with a heart located on the other side of the thorax.

“The doctor explained to me that my anomaly was called dextrocardia and that I had to report it to my doctor,” said the young girl.

Dextrocardia is a rare abnormality in the development of the heart, when most of the organ is not on the left side of the chest, but on the right side.

This anomaly occurs in about one percent of newborn babies.

Mac’s story amazed netizens. His video has been seen by nearly three million people who are all amazed how this phenomenon has not been noticed until now.

However, the doctors reassured the girl and said that dextrocardia is not dangerous to health and special monitoring is not necessary.

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