We carved words into her new car when she left it in the parking lot.

Australian Mollie Hales lives in Canberra. The girl told on the Internet about an event that happened to her that saddened her because of the bad behavior of people.

One day, she found words engraved on her car by an unknown individual.

The girl always went to her fiancé, leaving her car in the parking lot nearby.

This time too, as usual, she parked her car near her boyfriend’s building.

When Mollie returned to pick up her car, she saw the words “no parking” engraved on the body of the vehicle.

Mollie was surprised because she knew she hadn’t done anything wrong.

She knew that everyone in the building always parked their cars there, for several hours and even days.

And it wasn’t the first time she’d parked in the same spot.

She could not explain the cause of such an act and did not realize who could be its author.

“Everyone parks on these places to visit the residents.

Even though my car has been there for a long time, such behavior cannot be justified,” explained Mollie.

When she found this inscription on the body of the vehicle, she began to question the people who were around.

But no one could answer him. Mollie reported to the police what happened with her car.

“I share this news on the network so that people take care of their cars, because it could happen to them too”, wrote the young woman.

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