It’s been 26 years since two sets of twins married into one big, wonderful family

It is a two-sided love story like a marvelous cloth. It began in 1991 in Twinsburg, Ohio during Twin Days, the world’s largest annual gathering of twins.

Twins Jill and Jena broke their camera during the party and asked two brothers Pill and Doug to come to their aid.

Their double wedding took place in 1993 at the same festival. After their marriage, the two sets of twins, the Malm brothers and the Lassen sisters moved into the same house.

During 26 years together, Doug and Jill have a 21-year-old daughter, whom they named Riley, and Phil and Jena have a 20-year-old son, named Tim.

Throughout their lives, these two couples of twins and twins wear the same hairstyles and the same clothes.

During a statistical survey, it turned out that worldwide there are 250 pairs of identical parents.

Even after 26 years of marriage, the two twin brothers do not easily tell their wives apart.

“It’s amazing, but there are times when I can’t immediately tell them apart,” says Phil.

“I entered with my brother in their hotel room and we proposed to them to choose their couples.

They chose, we stared at them, but still, we couldn’t identify them,” says Phil.

Before their marriage, the twin brothers did not spend much time together. Their schools were different and they did not move in the same circles.

But Jill and Jena were still inseparable. And so that the twins could stay together, the brothers decided to share the same house.

The twins‘ children, Riley and Tim, look a lot alike and have several common traits.

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