Her beloved husband cheated on her with his sister and now her sister needed her

Adultery is a fairly widespread thing and when one of the spouses realizes that his love has deceived him, a difficult question often arises, to forgive or not to forgive?

But sometimes there are marital deceptions, which are out of reality. For example, to bind romantic and sexual relations with the sister of his wife.

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A woman who wanted to remain anonymous shared on Reddit the story of her husband’s infidelity dating her with her sister.

By sharing her hard experience, she wanted to hear the opinion of Internet users.

This woman had been married for seven years, but she revealed that her husband was cheating on her with her sister.

The cheaters wanted to apologize and say she might not consider what happened.

But the woman did not want to hear anything and quickly divorced her husband.

“I didn’t bring anything back except my clothes, I wanted nothing more than to run away quickly from his home,” wrote the heroine of the story.

Then, she learned that her sister had become pregnant from her ex-brother-in-law.

When the child was born, the parents offered her to visit the newborn.

“I had no intention of going to see the child my sister had conceived with my ex-husband, especially since at that time we were still living together. Then I learned that they had two children too”.

She has distanced herself from her sister and her parents forever.

Fortunately, she met a nice man with whom she married.

But again her quiet life was troubled, because this time her ex-husband left his sister and went to live with another woman.

And she received a message from her parents who wrote that she should live with her sister.

The parents were hoping for a gesture of solidarity from him. But the young woman refused any sort of rapprochement.

How do you think, should she forgive her sister?

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