Helpful mum-of-four welcomes 81-year-old woman into her family

This young woman, named Taylor-Danielle Pearson, is the mother of four children.

Taylor-Daniel volunteers at a facility for the elderly.

There she met Irene Smith, an 81-year-old woman who lost her husband 10 years ago and since then has been on her own.

And thanks to this friendship, Irene is no longer alone, she is welcomed into a warm home and now has a daughter and four grandchildren.

The children adore their grandmother Irene and each time impatiently await her visits.

Madame Irène visits them as often as possible, brings them gifts and plays with them.

For ten years, Grandmother Irène had been spending Christmas alone, but this was the second year that she had spent the holiday with this warm family.

Michael Pearson, the father of the family, is happy with his wife’s kind gesture.

He supports her and wants her example to inspire other people and people try to welcome lonely old people like Irene.

“We became friends and I learned that she was all alone. I wanted to host Irène. I invited her to our house. The little ones liked it very much.

It was a mutual feeling and I realized that Irene will become an integral part of our family.

These relationships with children allow him to enjoy life again. She feels like the grandma of the little ones,” Taylor explains.

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