The story of a curvy woman whose darling husband called her fat

Alvina Rein, a resident of the United States, was a very pretty girl. After her marriage, Alvina had two children.

Everything was fine in their family, but the young woman began to gain weight.

After some time, she already weighed 100 kilos.

But instead of supporting her and doing something, her husband, whom she loved, called her fat and gave any hurtful nickname.

He said he didn’t need such a plump woman.

It turned out that Alvina was gaining weight due to depression.

And instead of fighting her problems, the woman started eating a lot, also using foods that were not good for her health.

But one fine day, she was able to find the strength within herself to break up with her husband and start another life.

Fortunately, Alvina was able to stop in time and she completely changed her way of life.

Alvina began excluding certain foods from her diet and hanging out at the gym.

From the very beginning, she was able to achieve a good result, losing five kilograms.

The result motivated her and she continued to push forward with ardor.

Alvina managed to fight against her excess weight and finally regain her safety.

She was now a beautiful and friendly young woman.

She met a young man who loved and respected her. And they forever united their hearts and lives.

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