Nicole Kidman’s daughters grow up becoming beautiful to each other.

After meeting country-rock star Keith Urban at the G’Day USA gala in 2005, Nicole Kidman had several unsuccessful flings. A year later, in June 2006, Kidman and Urban got married.

Knowing that Ms Kidman had suffered from infertility and obstructed labor in the past, it was a pleasant surprise when the couple announced the birth of their first child, Sunday Rose, on July 7, 2008. About the child, named d After Weekday, Kidman explains that she was „divorced and Sunday was really lonely.“ But her relationship with Urban changed all that.

When she tried to conceive a second child, Kidman again found herself in trouble. But thanks to a surrogate, Kidman and Urban had another daughter on December 28, 2010.

Kidman’s second daughter, like her big sister before her, continues the tradition of meaningful child names. She was named Faith Margaret because Kidman and Urban „never let go of their belief in having another child,“ according to a close source.

Nicole Kidman has revealed that their two youngest daughters are growing up in an unconventional way – without Instagram or even a cellphone. She also said that while Urban’s personal beliefs differ from Kidman’s Catholic upbringing, the family attends church together.

Sunday and Faith seem to be following in their parents‘ footsteps. Faith is a musician, like her father, and Sunday is interested in comedy, like her mother, a Hollywood star.

Nicole Kidman and her children may not have an ideal family environment, but it’s clear that the most important things are not lacking: love, support and mutual respect.

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