here are the celebrities whose exact copies have been found from the past

Iconic stars of today and people of the past who literally look alike.

Looking at the replicas of today’s legendary celebrities from the past, whose resemblance is certainly something uncanny, one can literally be speechless. Sometimes they really look like they are identical twins, vampires or time travelers, because their appearance is incredible. Here are the legendary stars of today along with their exact copies from the past.

Probably Mr. McConaughey’s great-grandfather.

Imagine DiCaprio was a 1960s woman. He would certainly look like this.

Zuckerberg compared to King Philip IV, who ruled Spain. The resemblance is incredible.

Movie star L. Whiting, who starred brilliantly in „Romeo and Juliet“ and Z. Efron. Unbelievable!

Literally exact copies! Comedian and TV presenter J. Fallon has been compared to former leader of the People’s Liberation Party of Turkey Mr. Chayan.

Nicolas Cage’s twin was recently found.

Barroso and Mr. Damon look exactly like this couple, who married in 1961.

He is a talented American writer and director ZN Hurston of the 1940s and Queen Latifah.

A photo of schoolchildren taken in 1978 and the iconic photo of A. Samerg and D. Radcliffe in 2013.

Compare the brilliant singer Lina Horn of the 1950s and the American singer E. Keys!

It is believed that Robert Grint is very similar to David Wilkie, who painted his own portrait in 1805.

Watch Herman Rorschach, famous for his ‚Rorschach test‘ and today’s Hollywood legend in the big movie ‚Seven‘.

It is rather difficult to find clear differences between Ch. Bale and actor J. Brolin. Unbelievable!

Photos from 1939 New Yorker and popular rapper Jay-Z!

The legendary A. Brody is often compared to 17th century philosopher John Locke.

Lawrence is sometimes compared to Egyptian actress Zubaida Tarvot in the 1940s.

Do you think they are exactly the same?

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