A selfless plastic surgeon’s act of kindness saved 25,000 children for free

There are children who are born with abnormalities called cleft palate and cleft lip.

These conditions occur because of poor development during pregnancy.

The Indian surgeon Subodh Kumar Singh fights against this infirmity as soon as he started working as a doctor.

The selfless doctor comes to the aid of children without taking money, saving their lives.

Throughout his medical career, the dedicated doctor saved several children whose number reached thousands.

Usually, this condition causes difficulty in speaking and eating.

Dr. Singh’s surgeries come at no cost to needy families.

When Singh was a student, alongside his studies, he sold glasses and soaps to support his family.

Today, Dr. Singh is a famous plastic surgeon and performs free corrective surgeries on children born with cleft lip and palate.

His hospital is in the city of Varanasi and has become a major center where plastic surgeons from all over the world come to develop their surgical skills in the field of cleft lip and palate.

So far, he has brought smiles to 25,000 children from low-income families with his 37,000 free surgeries.

“I come from a poor background and I understand parents who don’t have the financial means to pay for surgery for their little ones and who live by saving up,” said the brave surgeon.

The generosity of the doctor and the gratitude of the parents know no bounds.

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