What did Angelina Jolie look like when she was young and how did she change as she got older?

Hollywood star A. Jolie has been a paragon of beauty and sophistication for many years. Millions of women have tried to see her.

This year, the incomparable Angelina turns 47, but it’s hard to believe. Angelina Jolie has always appeared in public elegantly and with beautiful clothes that can convey her maturity.

Since Angelina rose to fame at the age of 18, she has appeared in a variety of roles.

Judging by the photos in the filing, the star appears with both cropped hair and fancy makeup.

Amazingly, the Hollywood star matches every image she’s tried on herself.

Sometimes she even appeared in public without her hair done and with very little makeup on her face. However, this celebrity has always been the most beautiful and incomparable.

Also, many women have always considered Angelina’s figure a benchmark.

A lean face, prominent collarbones, slender wrists and long, slender legs – that’s how Angelina Jolie is described.

However, at some point, the star lost a lot of weight and looked like an anorexic. This was partly due to an illness diagnosed in Angelina.

Today, the actress and model is slowly getting back into shape, but the beauty she could boast of a few years ago seems to have faded.

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