This caring mom checks her young sons’ phones while they sleep

Usually, mothers like to control their young children in order to protect them from different threats.

Laura Muse, a 41-year-old woman, lives in the United States.

To make sure her sons are kind and responsible, this mother checks their cell phones while they sleep.

In one of her internet videos, Laura appears, holding her 15-year-old son’s smartphone, and says that every night as soon as her kids go to bed, she starts checking their phones.

She says she reads their private messages and everything on their personal social media pages.

The woman thinks there is nothing wrong with her behavior and every caring mom should act like this.

“Perhaps people will think it’s not okay to monitor my guys’ private life in such a way.”

But I think I’m right,” says Laura.

But almost all netizens who followed his Tik Tok page, commented on his video writing that it is not a good way of surveillance and it is not good behavior on his part.

“It’s an invasion of teenage privacy and a huge lack of trust. And they too will never confide in You again,” the users wrote.

There were people who said that instead of breaking into their smartphones, it’s better to ask them to speak sincerely about their problems.

And you, dear Internet users, do you think like this mother?

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