The sweet 86-year-old grandfather gives gifts to newborns prepared by his own hands

An 86-year-old grandfather was in hospital with a medical condition.

In the center, near the unit where the elderly man was being treated, there was a maternity ward and Mr. Ed often saw babies being discharged from the hospital.

So the idea came to him to do something useful for newborns.

Ed decided to learn to knit to make hats for babies.

But he needed someone who could teach him this trade. Fortunately, Grandpa’s daughter knew how to knit and the man turned to her.

It turned out that Ed was a good learner and he quickly learned to knit.

The kind grandfather began to knit hats of different colors for the babies in the maternity ward.

For the first hat he worked almost three hours, but then to knit a hat it took him a short time.

Gradually, Ed perfected his art and began to send his multicolored books to the maternity ward.

But that was not all. The man formed a group with retirees like him who knew how to knit and they, too, began to weave colors for the sweet infants.

The babies‘ parents were very grateful for this gesture of generosity and love.

Already, Ed was able to knit 30 hats a day and he decided not to give up and to keep working until he had the chance.

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