The chubby Italian model has become the most desirable woman

Angelica Buffalo is one of those heroines for whom it is impossible to remain neutral. That’s why the couch warriors began their battle for the right to have the last word, so that people don’t yet learn the simple rule from children: there is no equality of taste or color.

Followers of the Italian model think this is what a real woman looks like and say: she’s a model and she doesn’t need a model setting.”

We found the following comment even funnier: “She chews her model parameters. Good girl.


Some netizens, on the other hand, think that Angelica is really ordinary and claim that she is nothing special.

The girl frequently updates her Instagram account with new photos, each of which causes a flurry of emotions in the comments.

Angelica is not ashamed of her body, on the contrary: she tries to emphasize her folds. This girl knows her strengths and actively uses them.

Of course, we must not forget that Buffalo is a professional model, so even all her flaws have an aesthetic aspect, because the girl is very well groomed.

What do you think of the silhouette of a voluptuous beauty?

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