The caring cat was the first to sense that his beloved owner was pregnant

Samantha Smith, has decided to adopt a kitten. And she wanted to take a mimi from the refuge.

The young woman chose a lively and sociable little cat that she really liked. She named him Luna.

Samantha learned that her cat was very sweet and affectionate and they quickly became friends.

But the woman felt in her pet something mysterious and that there was an invisible bond between them.

“I feel that my kitten adores me and it’s a reciprocal love. But there is an invisible bond between us.

Our guests love Luna too, even people who don’t like cats want to cuddle him,” Samantha said.

After a short time, Luna started doing strange things. She found different objects and piled them up anywhere.

Then, when Samantha found out she was pregnant, she figured out the reason for the kitty’s weird behavior.

The caring cat was the first to sense that his beloved owner was pregnant and preparing to welcome the little one.

With different objects, Luna continued to prepare a kind of nest so that the mother and her baby could live there.

“And each time, I thanked my kitten by telling him that I was very grateful to him for his attention and his kindness”.

The closer the days of childbirth approached, the more often the cat began to prepare such places.

And Luna was always acting at five o’clock in the evening and that was when Samantha gave birth to her daughter.

And now it was clear that Luna even knew the time of the baby’s birth.

At first, the fluffy was wary of the little creature, but little by little he was getting used to her presence.

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