Meet the bird with the beautiful colors of the rainbow

There are so many very beautiful birds in the world. Some have such amazing and colorful plumage that it’s hard to believe they’re real.

Like this bird, which looks majestic with its rainbow colors…although you wouldn’t know it because of its rather silly name.

This is the white-browed great tit:

These unique birds tend to have a blue-purple body, with a brown top and a pale colored forehead.

It’s unclear why the person who gave the bird its name focused on its „white forehead“ instead of its more striking pastel color, but this bird is certainly beautiful and has become a favorite with lovers of nature. nature all over the world.

The white-browed titmouse is found in boreal forests and high-altitude regions of Asia, including central China, Russia, and the Himalayas. They are known to be foragers that feed on insects found under roots and rocks.

Although it’s hard to find one in real life, there are plenty of photos of this colorful bird that you can enjoy.

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