look who the handsome actor chose as his wife

Deborra-Lee Furness is 13 years older than her husband Hugh Jackman. At the same time, she looks like an old woman compared to one of Hollywood’s most handsome actors.

Nobody believes in the success of this strange marriage. When they met, Wolverine, the X-Men actor, was 26 and she was 39. Neither of them thought they were in love.

They moved at the speed of a snail to avoid each other. Finally, in 1996, Jackman proposed to his girlfriend. Of course, she said yes.

Debora, now 67, looks more like Jackman’s mother than his wife.

Apparently, the former actress is trying to stay young with plastic surgery, but there’s no hiding her looks.

Deep wrinkles have appeared on her face, her skin is scaly and her nasolabial wrinkles have deepened; her husband of 54 years still remains handsome.

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