A loving and caring 21-year-old dad had to raise his newborn daughter alone

It’s the story of a young man named Richard Johnson who lives in Las Vegas.

He had a girlfriend who got pregnant and in 2015 the couple had a baby.

She was a cute little girl and we called her Persephone.

The child was barely a month old when her mother left them, her daughter and her husband.

At first, Richard didn’t know how to act. He was shocked, because the infant had to be taken care of.

“I was afraid of not managing. For the first few weeks, I panicked and started reading baby care books.

I was watching shows and videos on YouTube to learn how to raise my newborn baby,” the young dad wrote on his Facebook page.

Also, he made a publication on Facebook, on the page called Life of Dad whose goal was to help single dads.

Here he wrote that he learned parenting duties so that he could properly care for his little girl.

Although Persephone is still 10 months old and has no hair, the caring dad has learned to weave braids and do hairstyles.

This post got a lot of likes and comments.

Aside from words of support, he received lots of advice, especially from fathers who had daughters.

And now the hard times in Richard’s life have passed, and his little girl has grown up.

Richard started living with his new girlfriend, who had a 6 month old son.

And both of them take turns babysitting during their work.

The young dad wants his story to serve as an example for single fathers.

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