This brave woman with a good heart married a widower with 6 children, but that was not all

Spouses Antoine and Anna gave birth to triplets.

And when the woman became pregnant again, it turned out that she was going to give birth to more triplets.

Thus, the spouses had six children, three girls and three boys.

But, unfortunately, family happiness did not last very long.

Anna had a serious disability and left this world, leaving her husband alone with their six children.

Antoine’s goal has become to take care of his children. And he started raising his little ones on his own.

But in our time, people’s stories become immediately known through the Internet.

To the astonishment of the young man, there were women who fell in love with him, offered their help and wanted to replace the mother of the children.

Among these women, there was one whose image has much more to Antoine’s children. So the little ones contacted Luda.

And their father realized that they should live together and he decided to marry this beautiful woman with a good heart.

They got married almost immediately.

The new mom had a son from her first marriage.

And the boy whom the little ones loved very much became their older brother.

But another incredible event happened.

The couple adopted two children from a family whose parents were deprived of parental authority.

The story of this family has become very famous throughout the country.

The inhabitants of the city and the users praised the gesture of generosity of this young woman.

It is with the help of love that we can overcome all difficulties.

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