This American girl grows dreadlocks as long as a five-story house

The woman does not intend to change her hairstyle.

Asha Mandela considers her hair a source of strength. That’s why she has been cultivating and weaving it for years. Today, the 56-year-old American loves her dreadlocks, which are 16 meters long and weigh 19 kilograms.

Asha calls her hair her “antennae”, thanks to which she says she receives positive vibes from the world around her. She is a Rastafarian and thinks her hairstyle helps her stay healthy.

This American grows dreadlocks as long as a five-story house: an unforgettable sight.

„It’s part of my creation and my body,“ says Asha.

At the same time, this hairstyle makes her feel uncomfortable in many ways. She spends two days a week grooming her dreadlocks and has to carry them in a bag. Heavy hair can cause all sorts of problems and even lead to paralysis. That’s why Asha regularly visits the gym to work on her back.

However, the problems of American women are endless. She thinks dreadlocks have more pros than cons, and her husband, Emmanuel, fully supports her.

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