These very cute Siamese twins were very successfully separated five years ago

Heather and Riley Delaney live in the United States, in the state of North Carolina. In their life, the couple has never been interested in conjoined twins.

But in 2016, Riley gave birth to conjoined twins.

The newborn girls were craniopagated Siamese twins, that is, they were born joined together at the heads.

They were born by caesarean section 10 weeks prematurely.

After the babies were born, the mother did not experience the joy that mothers usually experience after childbirth.

And now, the parents of the Siamese twins gathered in the lead had only one concern, the future of their babies.

In order for Abby and Erin to survive and grow, it was absolutely necessary to separate their fused skulls.

It is a surgery that does not take place without risk, but there are several cases where twins are operated on with great success.

The parents have decided that the little ones will be operated on.

The doctors said that the operation would not be favorable for one of the girls, since it was necessary to separate not only the bones of the skull, but the brains as well. It needed a fantastic task.

Neurosurgeons knew that a small millimeter could be fatal for children.

When the girls were separated, they were eleven months old.

Really, one of the babies, Abby, suffered the most, but luckily was able to fight for her life and the two cute sisters managed to survive.

Five years have passed since Abby and Erin separated and the girls are already six years old.

The famous twins amazed everyone with their endurance and will to live.

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