The way Billy Zane, Rose’s husband in ‚Titanic‘ has changed has surprised his fans

Here’s how Rose’s handsome husband from ‚Titanic‘ has changed over the years

Due to their iconic roles in the legendary movie “Titanic”, a number of great actors and actresses worthy of the cast have gained global recognition and fame. Yet, now we’re not talking about Winslet or DiCaprio since there’s probably no one who isn’t familiar with these movie stars.

Many were left speechless witnessing the current appearance of Jane who brilliantly played the role of Rose’s husband in the big movie. It should be noted that after the release of the film, the actor starred in a number of other films, while later his career was over.

Interestingly, the lead actor has changed since the release of Titanic! Unbelievable!

There is actually no trace of her earlier appeal as many netizens admit.

Although the iconic man is still 52 years old, he looks much older, according to his fans.


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