The drastic changes these legendary celebrities have undergone over the years

Let’s see what iconic stars looked like in the 1990s and how they changed

It’s pretty hard to realize that J. Aniston was once brunette, Kidman was a redhead with African curls, and as far as B. Willis is concerned, the big man had a beard and looked pretty brutal even though it might look surprising.

Currently, it is difficult to believe all this since new generations have already come who have not witnessed the appearance of their idols in youth.

To that end, we’ve selected a few stock photos of recognized stars from the 1990s that will leave you all speechless.

S. Hayek


A. Pretty

K. Minogue

N. Kidman



J. Aniston

G. Clooney!



C. Blanchett

S. Bullock

K. Reeves

H. Bonham Carter

What do you think of the archival photos of the legendary stars?


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