Popular American actress Jennifеr Aniston explained the reason why she didn’t have children

This Hollywood star is one of the most popular actresses nowadays.

Since 2012, Jennifer Aniston has had her star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

She is also known as a producer and director.

Jennifer wore the famous Chanel micro bikini and her photo appeared on the cover of Allure magazine.

The actress was born in 1969 in Los Angeles. Being married to the famous Hollywood actor Bradley Pitt, she had no children.

Several journalists, admirers and women obsessed the actress with her questions.

And she managed to evade very cleverly the question why she had no children.

But after divorcing her husband, Jennifer decided to explain to all her fans and curious people the cause of not having children.

Opening her heart in front of the public, the actress explained that she wanted to get pregnant and for this she used all possible means, but without result.

For years, she drank Chinese tea, she resorted to IVF, she did everything, but in vain.

She admits that she would rather raise her little one, that life is really sad without children.

But now it’s over, it’s already late to think about giving birth to a child.

It’s obvious that the actress never thought of going back on the idea of ​​surrogacy.

“I’m a little relieved since I no longer have any doubts, because I gave everything, I tried everything. I stopped thinking about it,” the actress said.

Thus, Jennifеr Aniston did not hide anything and sincerely explained why she did not have babies.

The actress added, speaking to gossip, that the reason for her divorce from her husband is not the child at all.

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