A surviving cat meets her new canine sister and instantly falls in love

Cinderella and Bridgère McPurr are a little dog and a cat who never tire of each other. Cinderella and Bridgère are part of Mojo’s Hope, a non-profit relief organization based in Alchorage, Alaska. Both siblings come from very diverse backgrounds and have varying needs, but they’ve grown to appreciate the feeling of hugs. As a result, they have simply become best friends in the country.

Cinderella joined the Mojo’s Hope program in 2015 when a hiker found her in the woods with a puppy. “She lacked social skills and was very scared,” Mojo’s Hope owner Shannon Basner told The Guardian.

The Visitor brought Cinder to the home in Mat-Su Valley, where she stayed for six months and received all the love and good care she needed. After six months, Cinder was transferred to this hospital from “She came on our initiative and flourished under our care,” says Mr Basner. She learned to trust us fully and we immediately saw that she showed a lot of care and understanding.”

When Cinderella joined the Magic Hope Project, she befriended her siblings, especially the cats. She is an excellent tutor for new rescuers who take part in our project”. She provides them with love, care and a safe place to stay.” In July 2022, Mojo’s Hope welcomed a new kitten in need. The cat, who was named ‚Bridger McPurr‘, was found outside in the cold and unable to move its paws.

Bridger was picked up by paramedics and taken to the Anchorage SPA emergency room. After a short time, Bridger was fine, although he still couldn’t move his legs. Some time later, Bridger came to Magician’s Hope as a foster family to give love to his new family.

“As soon as he did,” Basner says, “he stopped snoring. He snuggled into my neck and continued to growl. It just shows that someone cares and someone loves him.” Bridger loving cuddles, Basner thought Snyder would be a good friend to Bridger. She introduced them and the siblings fell in love. “Snyder is thrilled to have a feline pal to cuddle.” Basner said. With Bridger we were very careful at the beginning, because we knew he was very vulnerable.

Cinder started cuddling Bridger, but the adorable cat wouldn’t give in to her affection for her canine sister. He was shocked as soon as he saw her, Basner said. “As soon as he saw her, he lit up and started cuddling with her. They have remained close ever since. According to Basner, Bridger hugged Cinder and gently stroked her face with his paws. As he did so, he began to snore loudly.

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