You won’t believe your eyes when you see James Bond’s wife

British actor and blond seducer Daniel Craig has been happily married for over ten years. He is married to British and Hollywood star Rachel Weisz. James Bond met her on a film set long before their romance began.

They legally married in 2011, but are believed to have been good friends before that, and even appeared as lovers in theater productions in the mid-1990s.

Later, when they won the Hollywood Olympics, they are often seen at events and parties.

Their “relationship system” collapsed during the filming of the thriller Dream House, in which Craig and Weiss starred.

After having a romantic relationship, and this time without being able to forgive each other, they separated from their former partners and applied for a marriage certificate at around the same time.

Since then, the Hollywood couple has led a private life and the media still know very little about their daughter, born in 2018.

Craig seems happy, but many people don’t understand why he chose Weiss.

Fans wonder how the attractive and versatile blue-eyed actor could marry a boring and monotonous-looking “gray rat”.

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