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The life of Monica Bellucci, the beautiful Italian who conquered Hollywood, was not easy and carefree. Her childhood as an aspiring actress did not bode well for the young girl born in the countryside of Castello.

Monica’s father was an immigrant from Balochistan (a region in western Afghanistan) with Iranian and Muslim roots. Actress Brunella Briganti, whose mother was raised Catholic, married this poor stranger against the wishes of her family and friends.

They settled in a small Italian town. The head of the family worked for a transport company, and his wife became an artist. Poverty accompanied them for most of their lives, but they were very harmonious.

Their family’s happiness was clouded by the fact that they had not had a child for a long time. The doctors could not help them and advised them to pray for a miracle. They did – on September 30, 1964, their beloved Monica was born, a gift from God.

The future celebrity grew up in a loving but truly poor family and realized that only education could help her cope with poverty. So she devoted a lot of time and energy to education. As a teenager, she mastered not only her mother tongue but also French, English and Spanish. The future star of modeling and cinema dreamed of becoming a lawyer since childhood. But fate was different.

Monica Bellucci had a lot of success as a model, but she didn’t stop there. She made her acting debut in 1990 in an Italian film, her first supporting roles being in Life with the Boys, The Villains and The Thieves.

In 1996, Bellucci played the role of Lisa in the romantic film L’Appartement, which was a great success on the European continent. The beautiful young Monica won the hearts of audiences and critics alike and received the national French cinema prize, the César.

During the filming, she met the famous actor Vincent Cassel. The following year, she starred in the crime thriller Durbin.

What really set her apart on screen was her role in Giuseppe Tornatore’s Italian drama Malena, in which she played the beautiful widow, the enchantress of men and the envy of women,” said more late Monica Bellucci. A crowd can testify to a person’s intelligence, even talent, but a crowd can never testify to beauty.

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