Incredible birth record of twins around the world: they were born from frozen embryos in 1992

Sometimes couples who fail to have children resort to in vitro fertilization.

With the zygotes, reproduction specialists do an embryo transplant.

Usually, the dates of embryo freezing can be different.

These spouses from the United States became famous because they broke a real record for the birth of twins.

After IVF, Rachel gave birth to twins, a girl and a boy.

Babies are born from embryos that were frozen almost thirty years ago.

When these sprouts were frozen, Rachel was three, and her husband Philip, five.

„We wanted the embryos that had waited the longest,“ the husband said.

In 1992, the embryos were frozen and stored in a fertility lab for about 9 years.

Then, the authors of this creation, an anonymous couple, passed them on to a non-profit organization, called the National Center for Embryo Donation.

Before the birth of the twins, our heroes, the Ridgeways couple had four other children aged between eight and two.

Of the five 30-year-old embryos, they chose the two, and lo and behold, the babies were born very healthy.

The parents say that although the twins are their youngest, in a way, they are their elders.

This amazing story is truly amazing and fantastic. But thanks to developed science and medicine, in our time, everything becomes possible.

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