Canadian spends $97,000 on body art

This 33-year-old Canadian has become an Internet celebrity thanks to the many tattoos he sports. Remy is a chef who wears many patterns on his body. The celebrity channel reveals the appearance of this special man, which does not prevent him from pursuing a career in the restaurant industry.

In an interview with the Daily Star, Remy revealed that he first got a tattoo in 2009 in honor of his newborn baby. Since then, Remy has spent around $97,000 on the artwork. And if you include the piercings, that’s $113,000.

If you think Canadians have tattoos all over their bodies, you must be disappointed: some places aren’t painted. In an interview, Remy admitted to having patches on his face, ears, legs, backs of his hands, and inner thighs. The internet star said that these areas are very sensitive and tattoos on these areas are painful.

When asked by journalists whether he was often criticized for his unconventional appearance, Remy replied that he only heard negative comments from Internet users. His friends, family and people he meets on the street have never said a bad word about him, but often ask him to take pictures with him.

When someone attacks me with comments on the internet, I usually ignore them or just wish the bad guys good luck, because I’m smart enough to understand that it’s not me who’s upsetting them.

I am sure that their behavior and their reactions are the result of their personal problems,” says the Canadian leader.

For those considering getting into body decoration, Remy advises them to think twice.

According to him, tattoos – especially multiple tattoos – should be a conscious choice for everyone.

What do you think of people who do it to improve their bodies?

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