Sharon Bruneau: This bodybuilding legend was a real motivation for many women

Her name is Sharon Bruneau. The Canadian was born in 1964 in Timmins, Ontario, to Métis parents, in a family of French-Canadian Indian origin. The girl had two twin brothers.

At the age of 17, Sharon signed a modeling contract with a modeling agency in Toronto and she began her career as a model.

But during a trip, the girl caught a cold and pneumonia hit her.

After recovery, the girl did not like her figure and, treating her too skinny, decided to change her.

She began to do fitness by practicing weight training exercises.

In five years, she got a new physique that was very athletic, and modeling agencies considered her too muscular.

Ten years in a row, Sharon remained the lovable athlete of all those who loved bodybuilding and he had several fans.

She became a model of beauty for all women who wanted to change their lifestyle and become like Sharon.

Losing more and more of her femininity, the girl became more famous, a very popular star, and her photos appeared on the covers of magazines all over the world.

And in the field of bodybuilding, she participated in many competitions and won several awards.

During her training, the woman gained weight and decided to give up fitness and competitions to regain her femininity.

Sharon said it was easier to get muscular than to lose muscle.

But after two years, with the help of a strict diet, she managed to become fine as before and present herself as an actress.

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