Orphan Kangaroo Can’t Stop Kissing The Woman Who Saved Him

While driving in the suburbs of Perth, Australia, Tish Foy observes the side of the road. Her father, an animal advocate, had told her that there were people who needed help. He thought he could offer his help.
Suddenly she saw him. A baby kangaroo was stumbling alone in the garden, crying for its mother. Ms Foy and her husband began the long process of coaxing the baby kangaroo into their bag. The kangaroo was quick on its feet and terrified of humans. When the bird disappeared further into the garden, Foy feared he would never see it again.

I was so sad because he was so scared. Mr. and Mrs. Foy continued their efforts. Eventually, the tired, hungry kangaroo figured out that Foy, an experienced ranger, could help. He let Foy grab him and relax into his loving embrace.

The kangaroo, named Archie by Foy, was still very nervous when he arrived at Foy’s home. In the wild, young kangaroos spend the first six to nine months of their lives in their mother’s pouches. Archie missed his mother’s warmth and security. Fortunately, Foy is ready to be a foster family for Archie. She hugged Archie to her chest, made him feel safe and gave him all the love he needed.

“I grabbed him, hugged him and kissed him,” Foy says. He liked this closeness.” Foy immediately contacted Shane Williams, who runs the Bridgetown Wildlife Conservation Centre. Williams had the knowledge, space and resources to ensure Archie received the care he needed to be safely returned to nature. Foy was sad to say goodbye to Archie, but knew it was for the best.

„The decision was difficult and heartbreaking, but I knew it was the right decision.“ Foy said: “I was only there for ten days and was instantly hooked.
Archie was able to bond with the other kangaroos housed at the shelter. These kangaroos will eventually form their own community (mob) and will be released into the wild together when ready.
Kangaroos are very social and live in packs,” says Williams. Archie is now preparing the crowd of siblings.
Archie enjoys all the activities that kangaroos do in the wild: playing, eating, sleeping, and spending time with his friends. Williams is proud of Archie’s resilience. He went through a lot of hardships, but always gently. “Archie is a very sweet person,” Williams said. All he wanted was to be loved.”

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