A low-income single mother built her own 18.5 square meter house

Michelle Boyle, originally from Sherwood, Oregon, built her own tiny house.

The woman had rented a small house and she was forced to pay $1,280 per month.

Michelle worked in a cafe. Since she was raising her children alone and her salary was not large, she could not save money.

Finding cheaper accommodation was impossible.

But when her children grew up and moved away, the woman managed to accumulate some money.

And the idea came to him to build his own house. That she is too small!

To accomplish her plan, Michelle set out to find special web sites to learn the details of planning such accommodation.

Finally, the woman managed to build her own 18.5 square meter house and settle into her new home.

And now, for her house, she only spends $65 a month, including land, water, electricity and Wi-Fi.

“I didn’t just build this dwelling, but I invented it,” the woman told Oregon Live.

All rooms in the house are well furnished.

Michelle enjoys spending her time in her cute kitchen where she has restored collections of 1940s crockery.

The woman loves to rest and read books in the attic where she climbs a small staircase.

Michelle says it’s very nice to live in her own house.

It’s not big, but it’s a wonderful place to feel comfortable.

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