a family delighted to have found the dog that disappeared seven years ago

It’s always heartbreaking to see a dog run away from home, but it’s important not to give up hope of seeing him again. Pets can come back to us in unexpected ways, in places we never thought they would.
Sometimes they come back into our lives after months or even years. This is the case of a family who found their dog, which had been missing for seven years.

The Orange County, Florida Animal Control Department found an abandoned senior dog in a hotel room earlier this month after receiving a report of an abandoned dog. He suffered from severe arthritis and was too weak to walk.
In one post, the dog was described as incredibly sweet and looked after us in the best possible way. We knew it would be next to impossible to find a new foster home for such an old dog.

But luckily, she already had a family that had been waiting for her return for years. The Orange County Animal Shelter was shocked to find that the dog had a microchip and was owned by a family from Texas. When they called the family, they got “the surprise of their lives”.
The dog turned out to be Jazzy, 12, who disappeared seven years ago after being startled by fireworks.

The Orange County Animal Control Department wrote, “They’ve been looking for her for a long time and haven’t given up hope after seven years.”
The family had heard of Jazzy’s advanced age and health issues, but she didn’t hesitate and was finally able to get her dog back. One of the owners immediately flew from Texas to Florida to pick up Jazzy.

It was a reunion full of tears. It was amazing to see Jazzy come to life in response to his owner’s voice,” Orange County Animal Services wrote. Jazzy couldn’t take her eyes off him. She licked his hand again and again, getting as close to him as she could. After so many years, his heart finally remembered that he was complete. No one knows what Jessie has been up to for the past seven years or how she made the transition from Texas to Florida. But what is important is that she finally returned home.

For Orange County Animal Services, this is a very happy ending and a ray of hope in a job filled with “heartbreak and heartbreak.”

And, “Once in a while, when one of our employees performs a small miracle, it reminds us why we do this job. What a heartwarming story. We are happy that Jazzy is finally back home after so many years.

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