the faces of the actors of this famous comedy

Released in 1984, this cult comedy is still loved by many for its honesty and abundance of jokes. At the time, the film was a huge success at the box office. It was downloaded from video stores at breakneck speed. Of course, everyone was eagerly awaiting the new adventures of these colorful and forward-thinking cadets.
It’s been 38 years since the first Police Academy movie was released. Seven films were made in all (filming lasted from 1984 to 1994). During this time, the actors playing these beloved characters have changed dramatically. Some continued their acting careers, others took on new roles and never returned.

Cadet Karen Thompson (Kim Cattrall)Cadet Carrie Mahoney (Steve Guttenberg)Sergeant Callahan (Leslie Easterbrook)Sergeant Jones (Michael Winslow)Captain Harris (George William Bailey)Cadet Zed (Bobcat Goldthwaite)Sweet Chuck (Tim Kazlinsky)Lt. Proctor (Lance Kinsey)Cadet Douglas Fackler-PorterPolice Sergeant Catherine Kirkland (Colleen Camp)Claire Mattson, journalist (Sharon Stone)Leslie Barbara (Donovan Scott)

Take a look at the celebrities who have portrayed some of the most impactful and memorable characters in this crime comedy series and see how they’ve changed.

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