Moore reveals new photos of sick Willis

The ex-wife and current wife of Bruce Willis have decided to celebrate an early Christmas together under the same roof. It should be noted that Bruce suffers from aphasia. A few months ago, he revealed that his acting career was coming to an end.

A colleague of Willis’s said the actor is having trouble remembering sentences and Bruce is becoming aware of his memory and language issues. The actor enjoys his time with his family and friends.

Demi Moore has managed to bring together the heirs of the actor under one roof, to the delight of her ex-husband. Bruce smiled for the camera with tears in his eyes and said.

“This is going to be hard to swallow. How sad”, “It’s really horrible”, “I seriously give up”, “Strength and perseverance to you”, “My favorite actor, shame”.

In the comments section under Willis‘ new photo, he wrote:

„I love you, I’m waiting for good news“, „Thank you for supporting him“, „Bruce is well“ and „Our prayers are with you“. Please write your thoughts below the article.

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