Interesting story basketball changed the fate of a girl with no legs, and the will to live helped her achieve success

After a terrible accident, the girl woke up without legs.

When Qian was 4 years old, she had a car accident. The girl woke up without legs.

Qian’s parents were on a low income and therefore could not afford to buy artificial limbs for the child, let alone expensive rehabilitation.

Not knowing what else to do, Qian’s grandfather cut the basketball so that the girl’s lower body could fit into the ball. And with the help of ordinary old doorknobs, Qian was able to move around on the floor.

Donations were made in the girl’s name. Yi Qian was able to travel to Beijing to try on her first prostheses.

Thanks to donations, Qian was also able to complete her primary education.

But the Qian family didn’t have one. His parents worked as ordinary farmers and lived very modestly.

So, Qian went home, but instead of despairing, she decided to use every chance life gave her.

In her province, the girl found a recently organized group where people with disabilities learned to swim.

The girl does not intend to be a burden on her parents or complain about fate.

In 2014, Qian won the 100m at the local Yunnan Paralympic Games.

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