How is now the son of Cher, 52, who was born a girl

Cher is one of the most popular singers in the United States. Besides being a very talented singer, Cher is also the mother of two grown children.

The eldest son of the star is 52 years old, his name is Chaz, the youngest Elijah is 44 years old.

Few people know that before fame was the mother not of two sons, but of a daughter and a son. And at birth, Chaz was Chasity!

When Cher’s daughter grew up, she wanted to change her appearance and lifestyle a bit. „When I look at Chaz today, I can’t help but think she was a lovely girl.“

What’s remarkable is that the 74-year-old star isn’t ashamed of it and is speaking openly about the story. In addition, she is proud of her two sons and accepts all their decisions. Respect !

If your own child wanted to change gender, how would you react?

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