Because of her appearance, everyone avoided her, but one day she was taken in by a nice girl.

Everyone avoided her because of her looks, but one day she was taken in by a nice girl. This is how she became a beacon of light. Just as people are often judged by their appearance in our world, the same is true in the animal world. People only want to adopt beautiful purebred dogs and kittens, no one wants dogs and kittens that live on the streets or are ugly.

This Chihuahua pup wasn’t so lucky with his looks. When he was born, we knew something was wrong. At seven weeks old, he was covered in sores and his fur wasn’t growing back. His owners considered him „bad luck“ and took him to a shelter.
There too, the little guy continued to be neglected. Everyone was happy to see a healthy dog. Shelter staff felt sorry for the pup but understood that hardly anyone would have chosen him. The life of this animal would have been short and pitiful.

But this time a miracle happened. One day a girl named Amanda found the dog ugly and wrinkled. The two shared a look and she knew she had to help the creature. Amanda didn’t wonder if she could cure the little guy, she just decided to make his life happier. The puppy was called Pippa. After being groomed and cuddled, this pup has blossomed. She became a very sociable and loving girl.

Amanda already has several pets and they are all very happy with this “new arrival”. At first, Amanda spent all her free time caring for Pippa, bathing her and applying special ointment to help her wounds heal. Now proper nutrition, treatment and love have made the difference. All his wounds have dried up and soft fur is coming out of his skin.

Pippa now looks like any chihuahua and has no complaints about her health. She has a busy canine life and interesting company.

She also thanks her owners every day for their kindness and care. A dog’s loyalty knows no bounds.

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