Affleck and Lopez’s handsome couple will make anyone on earth believe in love

After the honeymoon, Lopez and Affleck were caught cuddling

The beautiful and iconic couple of Lopez and Affleck were recently caught walking together by paparazzi. Ben was dressed in a plaid shirt and navy blue jeans and as far as Jennifer is concerned, the charming celeb was dressed in an oversized sweater and leggings.

The recent appearance of the spouses did not leave any of their fans indifferent, and, according to many, they even make millions believe in pure and unconditional love.

They gently hugged and cuddled giving each other love, tenderness and affection. The couple didn’t really seem to care that they were being watched and captured by paparazzi.

Here’s how their loyal fans reacted: “Their bond will make anyone on Earth believe in love”, “How adorable they are”, “These two look absolutely happy together”.

It should be noted that the couple started dating in the 2000s, but, unfortunately, broke up in 2004. And now they are happy together enjoying their married life.


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