This particular girl was teased because of a large birthmark on her face

Nowadays, the fashion industry has destroyed beauty standards and now unusual models appear in it.

And here is a particular Brazilian model, Mariana Mendez.

No one imagined that the girl of such appearance could become a model.

When Mariana was born, doctors noticed a small spot between her eyebrows.

But the black spot grew very quickly and covered part of her face.

The child grew up, and despite the spot on her face, she turned into a very charming girl.

Her childhood for her was a very difficult time, as her peers often teased her and did not want to befriend her.

The girl’s mother always inspired her with self-confidence, and Mariana managed to learn how to overcome insecurity.

Today the girl is a professional model and poses for famous magazines and participates in photo shoots.

With her example, Mariana was able to overcome stereotypes by showing that good looks have no fixed rules.

„I don’t think there are beauty standards and you shouldn’t try to achieve the ideal,“ the Brazilian model told the Mirror.

She shares her photos on Instagram and makes posts for her fans and also tries to support everyone who has an unusual appearance.

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