This is what the little girl looks like today

Angelina Jolie is considered one of the most attractive stars in the world. It’s no secret that she has a very good heart. The actress often travels to poor countries and is an ambassador for the UN.
In 2005, she and her husband traveled to Ethiopia. During her charitable mission, Angelina visited several orphanages. Sure, there were a lot of abused kids, but one girl really stood out.

She immediately won the hearts of the actors. She didn’t scream or scream, but just watched them silently with her big eyes. She seemed to take her situation for granted. Zahara and the couple’s daughter, Shiloh, have become close friends.

Soon after, Angelina and Brad began adopting the baby. She was only six months old at the time. The adoptive parents named her Zahara. When they got her back, she was in a terrible state, suffering from lack of food and various illnesses.

It later turned out that she was the mother of a poor girl. She had no money to feed the girl and had to put her in an orphanage.

The girl becomes the second adopted child in the actor’s family. Her parents pay her the maximum, take her to work and go shopping with her. It was clear that Angelina felt a strong love and affection for her. Zahara quickly recovered and grew stronger.

Public reaction to the stars’ actions has been mixed. Some thought that all these adoptions were just to be “fashionable”. At the time, it was fashionable for celebrities to welcome black children from poor countries into their families. Everyone was waiting for Angelina to give birth. Cielo was born and resembles his parents.

The young girl immediately becomes the center of interest of the journalists, so much so that Sugar is forgotten. Nobody remembers him, but suddenly his real mother appears and asks to meet him. The conflict has ended. Of course, no one wanted a poor girl from Ethiopia standing next to a child star.

Zahara is now 15 and she is gorgeous. Although she has been in the shadow of her siblings all her life, she is actually only slightly weaker than them. But the media are already calling her Jolie’s most beautiful child. She turned into a charming girl with a mysterious smile.

In public, she always acts with dignity and tries to be positive.

After her parents’ divorce, she remains in contact with both parents. Zahara is wiser than her age and is probably grateful to Angelina and Brad for saving her from this terrible state.

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