This bold woman quits being a teacher and starts working on an adult site

Courtney Tillia worked as a teacher in one of the schools in her town.

Recently, the woman quit her job to take care of another topic.

Courtney is married and she has 4 children. Being a school teacher, in all her life she earned little.

Her husband’s salary was also small, and the spouses could not support their families.

So the woman chose another job. For three years, she has been sharing videos and photos on an adult website.

His new job was criticized by many people, but it helped him completely change his lifestyle.

The woman states that during this period she earned a million dollars.

When a woman has a husband and children, it’s hard to imagine that she can take care of such an activity.

But Courtney’s husband is not against his wife doing this work on a WEB site.

This did not have a negative impact on their marital relations, because this choice normalized their financial state.

“These publications give the opportunity to earn a lot.

We bought an apartment, cars, we can travel and also do charity work helping the community and people in need,” the husband said.

In her videos, Courtney also talks about her old job, but says she has no intention of going back to it, as the 24 years of her job haven’t given her anything.

“This alternative helped me earn a lot, I think I made the right choice,” said the former teacher.

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