The mother of three boys wanted a girl, but gave birth to a wonderful rainbow

American husband and wife Courtney and Eric Waldrop raised three sons. And the happy family dreamed of a girl.

But having the fourth child became impossible, because due to some health problems, Courtney had miscarriages every time.

So the couple resorted to in vitro fertilization.

Fetal ultrasound showed that the woman was going to give birth to sextuplets.

The spouses were infinitely surprised, because according to IVF specialists, they tried to minimize the multiple pregnancy.

So the doctors decided that the woman should give birth at the 30th week of pregnancy, since waiting for a full-term delivery would be unrealistic and dangerous.

Now it was necessary to monitor the course of pregnancy so that the fetuses could survive.

Already, at 25 weeks, Courtney should avoid her movements and stay in bed all day.

Fortunately, all these tasks were successful and as expected, the woman gave birth at 30 weeks by caesarean section and three lovely girls and three lovely boys were born.

The woman was lucky, because the six children were born in 5 minutes and healthy.

From now on, the six brothers had three sisters and it was magnificent!

To capture the exceptional moments and remember them forever, the parents organized a photo session which they named „Rainbow“.

They shared these images on the Internet, and several people admired the beautiful moments of the enchanted family and shared their happiness.

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