Remember the 2 month old baby with thick hair, what he looks like today

Three and a half years ago, a boy named Junior became a celebrity within hours. When his mother posted a photo of her son on her Instagram page, little did she know that Junior would become so popular.

People were amazed at the boy’s abundant hair. This drew their attention to him and made them interested in him. The child was born in the UK four years ago. He is a very big baby, weighing 4.5 kg. James, the baby, was different from other babies.

His mother and all the hospital staff noticed him. The boy had very curly hair sticking out in different directions. The nurses said the hair was temporary. It takes a few months for the boy’s hair to begin to curl and lose its shine.

Interestingly, these months are now a thing of the past, but the hair did not shrink, on the contrary, it grew. So the young mother decided to show her hairy son to people. She took pictures of her son and posted them online. And it all started…

Consequently, there were many children with tufts of hair. Many mothers started showing pictures of their own children with conspicuous bundles of hair and couldn’t help it.

However, Junior quickly became a celebrity. People started making positive comments about her appearance. Some people wanted to see and hold the boy in person, not in a photo. It’s not often you see such a hairy child.

Mom struggled to get out of the house. Every time she left home, people approached her and her son and tried to touch her hair. The child is curious when strangers keep touching his hair. She smiled at strangers and never cried. The mother has no intention of cutting her son’s hair.

It’s been four years now. If you look at the recent photos, you will see that today James poses without his abundant hair.

All this to start in style, not to stand out. Moreover, his mother always cuts her son’s hair. So now he looks exactly like his classmates.

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