Graham showed her look

The look of the plus size model

It is worth mentioning that this extraordinary and plus size model is becoming more and more famous and demanded to earn the title of one of the most popular and highest paid plump models in the whole world who actively participates in various shows and events. .

Disregarding people’s opinion of her amazing and „imperfect“ body, the model is confident enough to say that everyone without exception deserves to dress the way they want, instead of taking the opinions and criticisms of others for acquired. Sometimes Ashley even allows herself to wear crop tops, shorts and even tight dresses.

Despite the extra weight she has and the negativity and judgments, Graham proudly demonstrates her non-standard figure encouraging body positivity and self-acceptance.

She strongly believes that there is no one perfect on Earth

Many were more than sure that this time the star could have appeared in a more modest way, and therefore the number of critical comments was rather large.

How did you find the recent appearance of the popular model?

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