Lucky Gilmore, as an old man with a cane, is unrecognizable.

American actor Adam Sandler is best known for his role as Happy Gilmore in the legendary comedy “Lucky Gilmore”. He also played many other memorable roles in comedies and romantic films.

Sandler, who is now 56, has serious health issues. He recently underwent complex hip surgery. After the operation, Adam can only walk with a cane. However, this is a temporary measure and with rehabilitation he should be able to return to normal.

Rumor has it that the surgery was due to injuries sustained on the set of Murder Mystery, in which Sandler co-starred Jennifer Aniston.

The comedian denied the report, saying the “execution” was necessary due to a long-standing leg condition.

Adam himself complains about having to walk everywhere with a cane.

He is only 56 years old. Mr. Gilmore is lucky not to be a portly old man with a cane.

This is not the only change that this artist has undergone. He turned gray and gave up his beard. The oversized Sandler with a cane definitely looks like an old man.

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